"A very charming and interesting way of teaching English"

E. G.

Building a course

You build your course - What do you want to do?

Prepare your c.v.? Practice a telephone interview? Telephoning? Negotiations? Report writing? Meetings? Improve your fluency? Small talk? Improve your pronunciation? Cross-cultural advice? Presentations?

You tell us what you would like to do and we will build the course with you. We are always happy to telephone or Skype you so that we know exactly what you need.Lots of schools list their courses on a website but we don't as we build each course for each client.

Get in touch! Email penny.watt@osbe.org.uk and we will respond as fast as we can. We usually aim to contact you within a couple of hours. A Senior member of the teaching team will contact you to give you direct access to what we can offer.


Immersion: 15- 30 hours per week - One to one
Weekly or bi-weekly course: 90 minutes - One to one
Weekly evening courses: One to one
Skype or E-learning course: One to one, including evenings and weekends

Areas of teaching