"The content of my English course matched my needs exactly"

G. B.


Airbnb and Brexit make courses much better value!


The excellent variety of Airbnb available in Oxford can make your stay much cheaper than a hotel and the fall of the value in the British pound as a result of Brexit makes a course much better value now! But the great British welcome to our students is still here. Recent visitors have commented on how welcome they feel in Oxford. ...read more

Interview Practice


Many companies now telephone job applicants before meeting them for a final interview. This can be a difficult part of finding a job! We can practice this type of interview with you so you will feel prepared and confident when the phone rings. We can then practice a face to face interview with you, either in Oxford or via Skype. ...read more

Refresh your Business English


Sometimes you need to 'top up' and refresh your Business English. Maybe you need to prepare for a meeting or presentation and would like to review your preparation. In some cases which involve meetings or conference calls, we provide two teachers to be your participants to make the scenario more lifelike. This means you get lots of feedback and opportunities to practice which are not normally ...read more

Emails and telephoning in a day


We can train you to improve your emailing and telephoning techniques in a single day. You could invite a few colleagues to join in and we will create a purpose built course for your company. Interested? Email us at penny.watt@osbe.org.uk ...read more

Relocating to the UK?


We offer a wide range of personalised lessons for you and your family so your stay here will be more enjoyable. Please have a look at our Relocation page for more information. ...read more