"Very good learning experience with good conversations and teaching of the subtleties of English"

W. F.

Our approach

You have a limited amount of time to make rapid progress in your English level.


We teach on a one to one basis so that we can focus on your needs.

Our teachers have all been in business so they understand the needs of business people today.

We create a special course just for you. You tell us what you need and together we will build a course to meet your needs.

Students learn by doing so the lessons are built around lots of practice. Real meetings, telephoning, emailing, interviews. You can’t learn this out of a book- improvement comes from practice.

Learning can be fun

Business English doesn’t have to be boring and your teachers want you to enjoy your learning. We have lots of ways to make your lessons interesting and amusing so that you can learn in a relaxed environment.  Relaxed students, it is clear, learn much faster than those who are not enjoying their lessons.

Our results

Over the last 7 years we have had satisfaction ratings of 5 out 5 from every one of our clients. All of these clients had different needs and language levels from beginner to advanced and we worked hard to help them reach their goals.

Please have a look at our feedback page for comments from our clients.